Market analyses

The market research provides detailed information about the state of a given economic segment, which is intended for the participants in the analysed market or for potential investors.

BCRA gives an evaluation of the current stage in which the sector is and of the existing perspectives.

The main indicators about the industry (for a five-year historic period) are analysed:

  • consumption by years
  • sales revenue
  • net financial result of firms operating in the sector
  • investments in the sector
  • movement of prices of input resources
  • export and other data providing meaningful information about the particular industry

The legal framework
is analysed as one of the factors of the external environment influencing the behaviour and competitiveness of the firms operating in the sector. In the context of accession of Bulgaria to EU, the process of harmonisation of the Bulgarian legislation with the European one will turn out to be a considerable challenge to the firms in some sectors, because of which the analysis of the legal framework furnishes significant information about the market participants.

The market research provides a basis of conclusion about the state and perspectives for development of the economic sector.

The determining of a target market for a new product (target groups, substitutes, etc.), as well as positioning of a product on the existing market in the state, may be another element of the market analyses.