Corporate social responsibility

„BCRA – Credit Rating Agency“ (BCRA) recognises as key responsibility the committment to sustainable economic and social development.

The team respects as most valuable, the human capital and therefore devote efforts for the development of healthy and safe working conditions and improving the quality of life. We, the BCRA team, contribute from our work and funds to acquire knowledge and education for the development of the human capital.  

Our team is seriously concerned about the number of dead and injured on Bulgarian roads. In 2019, the number of deaths again increased to 628 and the number of injured to 8,499 compared to 2018. The losses of the state are estimated at over BGN 2 billion per year.

Therefore, our team supports the efforts of the Rotary Club Sofia, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Institute of Psychology of the Ministry of Interior, the Union of Bulgarian Teachers and the New Bulgarian University for the development of the educational campaign "Give way to life!". The campaign aims at reducing the number of victims and injured on the road by introducing innovative training for students and young people in Bulgaria.

The analysis of the team that developed the project found that improper and risky behaviour of drivers significantly complicates the situation on the roads and leads to traffic accidents. It has been proven that over 80% of accidents are caused by drivers. Most of the road accidents are caused by young drivers with experience of up to six years. Thus, the campaign aims to raise driving responsibility, which contributes to the integrity and goodwill on the road. That is why we support the education of children and young people in this field. We are sure that the education will help to develop social skills that are extremely important for the young people - for their active participation in social life, for understanding and accepting the others, for the development of critical thinking and communication, for self-esteem & self-affirmation, to solve problems and deal with the challenges in their lives.

We support the aim of the campaign to raise the understanding of responsible attitude towards road safety, both for drivers and their companions in the car. The project raises awareness of the risky behaviour of all road participants and the possible consequences, and prevent opportunities for irresponsible driving and road accidents.

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