New majority shareholder at the BCRA - CREDIT RATING AGENCY AD

Date created: 20-Aug-2021

Swiss company Aletheia Investment Ltd. as new majority shareholder

Sofia/Zurich, 16th of August 2021 – BCRA - CREDIT RATING AGENCY AD (BCRA) announces a new majority shareholder.

After twenty years of successful organic growth, the BCRA - Credit Rating Agency AD (BCRA) and its founder, the CEO, Mr. Christo Mihailovsky are very pleased to announce as a new majority shareholder Aletheia Investment Ltd., a Zurich based, but globally acting reputable Swiss private equity company. 

BCRA is the third fully recognized rating agency in the EU, registered pursuant to Regulation No. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council. The agency operates in the Bulgarian market since 2002 and has strengthened its position being the country’s first rating agency as a leader in the home and regional market.

Sustaining our company in a moving financial world, enlarging our competency and services for the benefit of our relations, requires moving forward with courage and innovation.

The recent entry of Aletheia Investment Ltd. as new majority shareholder and the refocusing the organization, intended for our contacts to better benefit from the combined core business competency, a broader range of products & services and our extended global partnerships to offer access to services to fill their business needs.

BCRA trusts that the new shareholder will contribute to the acceleration of the company’s growth as well, to assist the increase of our market share and enhance the penetration at the West European and Central European markets.

Aletheia Investment Ltd.’s supervisory board with a sound background in international banking, wealth management and finance industry under its Chairman, Mr. Ferdinand Bardoly-Küzmös, CFA - a former Swiss banker at Julius Baer and Pictet, is sharing the same values, customer-oriented philosophy and the long-term view as our management.

The management team, the expertise with the analysts and all related services is remaining within the Sofia headquarters of BCRA and should be further strengthened in the future.

With that same passion as we created BCRA - Credit Rating Agency twenty years back, we are continuing our work together with Aletheia Investment Ltd. 


Together, for You!