Credit rating

Credit rating is the shortest profound and comprehensible profitability assessment of a given entity from viewpoint of its creditors. It gives an objective external opinion for the ability of a given debtor to serve his financial debts in a timely manner.

In order to elaborate a credit report and assign a credit rating, BCRA uses official information from the rated entity, its own database and public information sources - the Financial Supervision Commission, NSI, Bulgarian National Bank.

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Credit report

It is prepared upon request by the interested party, usually for a firm – present or potential borrower or a commercial partner. The credit report facilitates also the choice of a firm suitable for capital or strategic investment. The credit report contains information and an opinion on the creditworthiness of a particular firm. Two versions of the credit report are offered – a standard credit report and a brief credit report.

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Ancillary services:

Market analyses

The market research provides detailed information about the state of a given economic segment, which is intended for the participants in the analysed market or for potential investors.

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